Tourism facilities in Flores in the last five (5) years growing rapidly, however, you still have to prepare your trip to be comfortable. Flores has a diverse nature with each various character, the different weather between the rainy and dry seasons, and the completeness of the facilities are not the same in every town or village.
The preparation you need to do before visiting Flores:


Book your lodging and transportation before, especially in the high season of tourist arrivals, around June to September. Learn about weather conditions at the destination and prepare appropriate clothing. In the dry season, the air can be hot but in the highlands may turn cold at night (July-August), while at the peak of the rainy season (January-February) rainfall can be heavy once at some locations. Wear appropriate shoes for walking when conduct a trekking. In the rainy season, the condition of the footpath can be slippery.

Food Supplies can be bought at the mini market in major cities in Flores, but please bring your personal medicine because it is not certainly found in pharmacies here. Carry enough cash when visiting villages to pay the donation, food or activities. Payment transactions with credit or debit card only can be used at a particular place in the big cities. Similarly, money changer only in tourism activity center such as Labuan Bajo, Ende and Maumere. Keep careful when you drive your own car or motorcycle. Indeed, the main streets in Flores are already good but winding and up and down, there is rarely flat and straight road. Make sure the vehicle fuel has been filled because at certain times gasoline is scarce in Flores.

Bring your smartphone or tablet because it still works for telephone and internet on the part of the Flores Island. In remote places, the connection is difficult to get. Respect the rules that exist in the villages you visit. This rule was made to respect local culture, nature preserve and improve service to guests. Help to boost the local economy and conserve the environment by buying local and environmentally friendly products.


Some ordinances behaviour in visiting villages in Flores

Use decent clothes when entering the village. Pay donation or entry fee to the village. Money from here will be used to improve both welfare of rural communities and quality of service to the guests. Help to boost rural economies by using local guide and buying programs and souvenirs

Preserve nature and rural environment of the village by not littering, picking plants or disturbing wildlife. Help to educated children in the village by not giving anything (candy, cakes, money, toys, etc.) without permission from their parents. Ask for permission if you want to take a photo of someone or villagers' homes