Flores & Beyond

Tana Toraja


With its vibrant tribal culture and stunning scenery the facinating region of Tana Toraja is rightly a mecca for travellers. Visually its allure is immediate, with villages of elaborately painted houses with boat-shaped roofs, and towering terraces of emerald green rice paddies, all of which is overseen by a protective necklace of jagged jungle-clad hills.


Tanjung Puting


Tanjung Puting is one of the natural wonders of the world, located in the southeast part of West Kotawaringin Regency in the Indonesian province of Central Kalimantan (Central Borneo). The best-known animals in Tanjung Puting are the orangutans, made famous through the long-term efforts of the Orangutan Research and Conservation Program based at the landmark Camp Leakey research station. Aside from its remarkable biological attributes, Tanjung Puting is highly important for the well-being of the surrounding local human population.



Sumbawa is a beautiful island that is located not too far from the island of Flores. Sumbawa has interesting places for snorkeling and diving that makes this island favored by tourists. This island is best known for its waves, sandy beaches and wild terrain. With great surf and spectacular coral reefs, the majority of travelers to Sumbawa come to surf and dive. Home to renowned surfing spots, the rugged island of Sumbawa in West Nusa Tengarra is a remote yet beautiful place. 




Wakatobi National Park is located south-east of Sulawesi, has very high marine resource potential, in terms of both species and uniqueness, with enchanting submarine landscapes.This Park has 25 chains of coral reefs, and the total circumference of the coral islands is 600 km. The National Park includes an area of 1,390,000 hectares. This destination best-known as the best diving spot for tourists.