Not many people knows that the nearest lingko from Labuan Bajo is located only 1,5 hour drive away. In Tado, you can also see a lingko, a unique lands

Flores has a variety of unique culture and natural beauty. Traditional village architecture, traditional houses and agricultural land is the main attraction for tourists. Waerebo custom homes are often referred to Mbaru Niang, house conical cultural heritage in Manggarai district. The famous of Ngada Traditional village Landscape with beautiful megalith stone structure, and the iconic spiderweb-shaped rice cultivation called Lingko have special meaning to people who lives in Flores



Diverse cultures of Flores are tourist attraction. A variety of dances, folk songs, music instruments and other cultural products are a wealth of Flores, which is still preserved and have been packaged as a tourism product.

Every tribe in Flores has polaper plebeian, a unique architecture of traditional houses like the village of Indigenous Tololela, Gurusina, Bena in NgadaDistrict and Indigenous Waerebo in ManggaraiDistrict and various-motif weavings that women are still acted manually.